This is the place where we spent Easter. Beside a beautiful, tiny river that was in actual fact toxic…not even Minty was allowed contact with the water, as per the warning signs. And if you know Brendan, you can imagine how much he enjoyed that…not at all. In any case, we were parked up next to some really lovely old Swiss people, Hans and Vrani. I have all their details, so if we ever decide to pop over that way for a visit, we are welcome at theirs. Oh to visit Switzerland, a good dream at least. The Easter bunny visited the girls, of course, and we really did pretty much nothing for a week, or was it 2? It’s hard to tell when we have those pockets of sitting around doing nothing, the days just blur and time just passes as it does. There was also a line of hairy caterpillars when we went to leave the little place we were at when we left plus the painted silo’s we saw on the way there…posted here for your viewing pleasure hahaha.


The only other thing we can say about Northam is that there was a place to wash the caravan and car, which we did as it was waay overdue, and they had some unusual metal sculptures in town. Oh, yes, the laundromat in there was really great too; Bubbles and Suds. Clean, and staffed by a very friendly gentleman who has great aspirations I must admit. If you’re in that area, make sure you pop in, use their facilities and tell him that Brendan and Sarah from Qld, the one doing the studying to open a child care, said hi.

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