Ahh, now Bunbury…hmm, how can I put this nicely? Let’s see….how about, I. Hate. It. So far it would have to be the worst place we have had the *pleasure* of visiting. Now, I’m terribly sorry to all those that live there or disagree, and I can’t say that it is the actual town and not attributed to our experience because really that is all we have to go by, but in our experience, it was awful! The people are not terribly nice, and the shops were atrocious, (Coles, do you know what you are even doing anymore?) and they didn’t stock any size 8 or 10 black pants as I had to purchase some for the prac I had to do there. The beaches were horrible, horrible! says hubby over my shoulder, so yes, maybe don’t bother bringing your togs for this town, save it for our old mate Busso I’d say. I don’t really want to go into it, but let’s just say we went in there, we left there, and we are happy that we do not ever have to go back there again. Here are some pics all the same. Not much, because it’s all just a built up city anyways.

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