Busso!!!! (Busselton)

Where to start. I suppose we can begin with the first time we went there as we went there quite a few times. The first time was, so far, the best weather and day at the beach we’ve had in WA. The water was amazing and the sand was clean and soft. It was not crowded at all and the kids could all 3 swim easily. In fact we used it as an impromptu time for a swimming lesson for the girls.

We also happened to meet the really awesome couple from Bridgetown I mentioned before. They told us about themselves and how he was a musician so they had a teeny little pod trailer/van type thing (adorable and very elegant, perfectly suited their purpose). They were in the area as there was some music gig on (yet again) and he was playing in it. They gave us their card and we talked for quite some time on all things life and health. Definitely people to visit some time again if there ever is the chance.

We also met a lady who was amazingly helpful and she texted me a bunch of info about Dunsborough so we decided to visit that town. It was an awesome place with a really cool, natural pharmacy. Kind of like healthfood-meets-naturopath-meets-alternative treatments all rolled into a legit chemist. Really interesting and awesome, helpful staff. Anyway.

There was a pretty good playground there, and the usual water fill/poop empty stations. They too had some show or something going on so alot of the road was blocked which was annoying. There is also some place you can visit where you go 8m under the jetty and look at the pylons and the sea life there but it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I suppose some days the fish are there, other days it’s just blue water.

We did stay at an old historical pine plantation not far from the beach as it made it easy to explore the area from there. This is where the term “crazy lady jacket” first was coined. I did tell you it was a story for later. Now, what the kids mean is, this also happened to be a high traffic area for backpackers. Now, I don’t have much in the way of experience when it comes to meeting people from other parts of the world, so I took it as a grand opportunity to start asking questions, meeting people, and just generally finding out what it’s like in other countries. Most of them were French or German, but there were some Scotts and Irish with a few English thrown in. Whenever a new car would pull up, we’d all take a guess on their nationality (Brendan pretty much always got it right), and then I’d go out and ask and inquire what it’s like where they’re from, why there decided to visit Oz, how long they’d been here and what they liked about our country so far. You know, general chit chat stuff. As it was generally morning or late arvo, I would pop on the nearest jacket, of which happened to be aqua. The same colour as the lady that would always hang around us to talk to us in Greenbushes. Now, let’s be fair here, it was someone new just about every day, so I wasn’t bugging anyone (I don’t think), but nevertheless, I’d come back to the van to everyone laughing at me because I “had the green jacket on again” which meant I was off to talk. We all know I love talking so, 😛

This was also where we met one of the most interesting people so far, however, that story is not mine to tell, you’d have to ask Brendan about ol’ Stewey. He was the one who we first heard call it “Busso” as he was a local, and so “Busso” was what we called it from then on. Given that both that man and hubby were involved in “man talk”, the full term actually includes and expletive, but as I’m a lady I shan’t repeat it here.

The shops were really quite good, a big new Aldi, and lots of parking. The beaches were really quite nice, and if you don’t mind the odd wacked out bum strolling along the path picking up dumpers (that is the term for a used up, old, dirty, squashed cigarette butt found on the ground), then it’s a pretty cool place to be. I was shocked to see that sort of behaviour, but hubby just let me know that growing up in the ‘Switch (Ipswich) he was used to it….??? Maybe we should move in if you feel soo at home. Yes, Busselton so far seems to be this side of Perth’s Ipswich. We liked the town, sadly. Make sure you visit.

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