Who we are

We are a family of 5: 1 x husband; 1 x wife; and 3 x girls between 4 and 11 years old…and 1 dog, Minty, a maltese/pug x jack russell.

Brendan is a trade certified sheet metal worker and was in that job for several years, but having diesel in his veins, could do nothing to stop the call of the road. He made the career change and became a truck driver, driving many vehicles with different freight up and down the eastern side of Australia. He is terribly talented and this is where I draw my confidence from. He is always helping his mates out with advice and tips and ways to save money (as he is a tad on the tight side…hating to spend money on anything, ever, if he can)…I think he can do pretty much anything because my hubby truly is a jack of all trades (but I could be biased too).

I am the mum, Sarah, and I am currently studying my bachelor of early childhood online through OUA. I do enjoy it, but it does get hard at times juggling family life and uni life now that I have taken it on full time. I do have to rely heavily on Brendan for support when it comes to assessments. I have worked in many places, but it is all mostly hospitality, behind bars, at weddings, coffee shops etc. As a result of being a qualified barista, I am terribly picky about buying coffee out, so feel free to mention some good places we may come across.

Brendan and I are high-school sweethearts, having been together since 2003. We got married in 2012 at O’Reillys and it was amazing. We have had our share of downs, with Brendan’s father passing in 2013 and a major truck accident where Brendan broke his thigh bone. He now has a metal rod from hip to ankle inside his bones and it causes him no end of pain in poor weather. This is one of the reasons we have made this decision, to be honest. You only live once, and we feel we have this tiny golden opportunity to do this for a year, so we are taking it!

Our girls are our pride and we have high expectations for them to grow up to be well rounded adults that are more then capable of looking after themselves. This is yet another reason for this decision as we feel living a different life, one where our children have to budget and make wise decisions about safety, water, food…and toileting apparently…will help them make wiser choices as adults. It is our mistakes that teach us, not a cushy life in a suburban home.

We used to live in Marburg and did indeed have a lovely house that we put a lot of money and effort into, but as time went our kids got bigger. It became too small and hubby was on the road all the time so we just never got much time together. We knew we needed to buy a bigger house, but couldn’t agree where because the area needed schools, uni, work, basic shops for food and clothing (as we all know how fast kids go through clothes!), doctors and hospitals and space. It couldn’t be too expensive either otherwise all our time would be spent on working to pay for it and we don’t want that. It couldn’t be too remote because we needed to cater for our growing family. We couldn’t agree to go beach or bush, or even north or south. Each had its positives and negatives. I still have just under half of my uni to complete, but full time it equates to a year of studies, and out of the 5 terms left, 3 of them are pracs and 1 is an internship, so babysitting was a problem for us too with hubby’s work hours.

We had been discussing the idea of traveling either in a van, bus or on a boat for some time. When we decided to make a final decision, we agreed that we may as well jump in the deep end and just go for it. A boat was not the best option given our children’s swimming abilities (they are a tad rusty), and a bus is just as expensive on maintenance, fuel and insurance as a truck. Hubby informed me that if we were going to spend that much we may as well buy a truck and use that to tow a van so at least it can make money…so caravan it is. We had to sell the Hilux as the legal towing capacity was just shy of what we needed, and the back seat was not soo roomy so we bought a Troopy from Mike Olsen 4x4s in Chermside before we left.

We purchased a Lotus Freelander caravan from the gold coast and are now set and on our way!