Collie, Darken, Wagin

A quick summary of these 3 places as we only really popped in for the day, except for Darken. Stayed there for 2 days. It is the greatest, kid friendly place with the greatest playground. They had natural swings and equipment along with the generic ones, 2 in-ground trampolines, ping-pong tables, half pipes, bike jumps, BMX track and skate trick equipment, air gym, a shed, picnic tables with BBQ, and really cute local kids that our girls really enjoyed playing with. We didn’t stay at the caravan park there, but it was well priced so maybe worth a visit. Also, Wagin was the sweetest town. The Wagin mayor (Bren said he’s the mayor, Mr West was his name too! hahahaha) really knows the area and had lots of tips about what to visit. The accommodation is cheap and the coffee shop there was good, do visit. The owner is someone worth stopping to chat to if you think as we think on all things life. I had a dirty chai and it was delicious. This town is also the gateway to Wave Rock and many of the dams. Collie…just a big. fat. skip! We also stopped at a dam or creek or something just near there, stayed for a day (or was it 2?) before the ranger came and let us know that dogs were not allowed as it was a national park. It was nice there, we do have pics, but stayed for such a short time that I can’t comment much more then what I already have. Just, skip Collie, it’s a mining town that’s slowed right down so is just run down and past its used by date. Not RV friendly at all.

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