Waroona, I left a small piece of my heart behind right here in this town…

What a place! I very nearly told hubby we should stay, but the weather just did not agree with me, the kids, and mostly with Bren. His leg was aching and he couldn’t even do minimal exercises by the end. Ally, Kyandra, Sinead, we are still on track for a return lol. This town is exactly as a country town should be! The townsfolk are friendly and welcoming, the caravan park was very affordable, and the were kangaroos that Minty had fun barking at every afternoon. I may also be somewhat biased though, I do have to admit…I did my prac here in the local school. I have never been soo warmly accepted. The school literally made me equal and one of the team from the minute I walked in the door. This is me driving out, just so you know…


However, this is the kids…it may also be because they are sharing in one of my delicious gifts, some Ferrero Rocher…according to Evelyn the are classed as MMMMM. When I asked what she was doing, grunting and moaning like that, she said she couldn’t open her mouth because it was too yummy. Yes, this was her first experience with such deliciousness


I am going to miss this place, and if you ever do travel, just as we are, then I will say definitely stop here. To do the city, stop here. Drive to Mandurah and take the train the rest of the way to the city. Pinjarra is just up the road for a big shop, so too is the potato shed. There is a local IGA, pub, fuel station, library, skate park, rec centre, coffee shop…all you need really. But it’s the people that make the town, and this town is made on country.

Here are some pics of the inside of the school, a little something from that precious noggin of my mentor (pretty much on here so I don’t forget and can steal it for myself later) and I managed to complete something of an inquiry based project. I think if I had more time and def. more experience I could have gotten much more out of it for the children, but that is the best part of it! I started something that I really want to revisit and improve on…I am really excited to just finish this degree and start really putting into practice all I am learning. Once more, thank you thank you thank you to Jo, Annette, Bron, Bec, Cath, Sue, Vicky the bug lady 😉 for showing me those beautiful bugs of yours, and Lisa, or as everyone seemed to call her ‘our Lisa’, so thanks our Lisa for helping me on my big day! And thank you Carl for saying yes to the office at Curtin so I could meet those lovely ladies! Thankyou Cath for the dinner, and listening to us for hours, and the fruit and vegies!

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