Now here’s a town to write home about. Another little old Ipswich away from Ipswich, same kind of girls dressed in the same un-girly clothes, but the people were at least normal(ish) and down to earth. They had your usual gorcery shops, and a nice little retail block with your oldies but goodies (Best & Less) where we stocked up on the ol’ cheapy pluggers. I don’t know how, but our girls churn through pluggers like they grow on trees. In any case, we stayed at Australind Tourist Park, and the caretakers were the friendliest, nicest people. We chatted to Brad for ages, he is soo regular, and normal, and talks about nice normal stuff….and wouldn’t you know it, they’re from QLD, Townsville in fact. So there you have it. We head to the other side of the country, and the only people we really enjoy the company of and are accepted by are Swiss and Qld’ers.  I am afraid to say I didn’t get much in the way of pics of the place, except for the playground. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, they had a really awesome playground with a trampoline and everything! I relaxed the reigns on schoolwork for the 2 weeks we were there so they girls could spend as much time on H.P.E (the trampoline) as they could. A quick mention also about the fact that the amenities were squeaky clean, toilets, showers and washing machines. If you need a place to stay, stay here. It is cheaper, and yes, it is on the main road, but big deal. That is part of the fun of being on the road. We also had Kya’s birthday here which ended up being nice after the Bunbury drama (gotta call me for that one). She opted for chocolate porridge for breakfast, pizza for dinner and Peter’s icecream with M&M’s, maggi topping and Nutella on it.

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