Now Capel is a really fine example of a country town at its finest. It has all you need, dual servo/hardware store, laundromat, pub, overpriced IGA, tattoo shop, coffee shop x2, library, and that strange mix of oddballs-that-stare-too-much with good-ol’fashioned-helpful-country-folk type ones. The library, I do have to give credit where credit is due, was actually really amazing. We spent nearly an entire day in there! They also had some books for sale, and we did purchase some. The town has an incredible playground there, the equipment was fantastic. We backtracked to this place quite a few times actually, pretty much for the playground. We could workout and the girls could do what kids do best. Play. They had a 24 hr rest stop there, and we could fill our water tanks and empty our poop. It really wasn’t a bad town at all. The rangers there were also really friendly, stopping for a chat, particularly Jason. It’s really cool to talk to a local and ‘avachat. It’s for this reason also that we returned so often. There really isn’t much else to say about it though outside of that.

One night we did see a few drunkards attempt to stumble down the road to their roof-top tent. That was funny. Only 1 of the 3 made it. By that I mean 1 decided he just couldn’t work out the whole ‘walking’ concept any more so gave up and rested in the gutter. The 2nd made it to where their car was, but not inside. The 3rd did make it though. We know this because we could hear him struggling to find his way around his whole few feet of space. Made us laugh in the least, and I’m certain there are a fair few number of you reading this that may also understand the imagery I’m trying to create and laugh too. Capel is also the place where we set up Lily’s bike she got for her birthday, and where I tried to save a shingle back lizard from being run over in the middle of the road. He wasn’t really happy, but I managed to move him off the road all the same.

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