Now, I should point out that I am not actually doing this in the order that we traveled. If I did it would surely not make sense. We went north, then towards the coast, then inland a small bit, then a few hours north, then further inland to the east a few hours, then back south again in a line, then back towards to coast and south, then up north to the next town, then south to a town, then south again to another town, then north back to the previous town, then north once more to the next town up, then east for an hour. Like I said, confusing. So instead I’m just going to discuss the towns as they appear on the map, more or less in a sensible order. There was a reason for this weird traveling pattern. We were avoiding the cyclone-turned-low as it was causing high winds with strong gusts and poor weather. We didn’t want to risk our caravan so went everywhere it wasn’t.

So, Donnybrook. This was a town we passed through, but I am putting it here for 2 reasons. 1, it was quite lovely and country, and they are big on their produce, so if you want farm to table, give this place a peek. And 2, they had a ripper playground for the girls. For these reasons, Donnybrook gets a spot on my blog 😉

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