Nannup and Marrinup

These 2 places don’t have pics, and we didn’t do much; infact Nannup was literally a pass through, but I just wanted to put a quick shout out to them. They are not even remotely close, but, meh, can’t win ’em all.

Now, Nannup happened to have some music gig on, so we opted to stay out of the way until it was done. Unfortunately, this meant when we did pass through it was a Sunday so all the shops were shut for the day. I did manage to purchase some desperately needed dishwashing liquid at an exorbitant price from the servo when we stopped for fuel. We also saw that bikie looking dude that was in Bridgetown (remember him?). He gave us an a-hoy, and we stopped for a chat and to say hello. He was a pretty funny guy and told us how he was just stalling for time, not wanting to go home cuz wifey hadn’t started work yet. Hubby and him had a giggle about the unfortunate part of life that centers around wifey’s, and off we went.

Marrinup, that was interesting. It seemed to be the resting spot for quite a fair few n’er-do-wells (for those that watch Adventure Time). There was terrible reception there and I had classes and uni to do still, so we stayed for as long as we felt happy to. Mostly leaving because more of the ne’er-do-well crew came, and it being a Friday, noticed they were in no short supply of party supplies. That and also another friendly chap informed us of the pattern these people kept in regards to Fri/Sat night activities. We followed his lead and went somewhere quieter as well. Probably skip this place if you’re traveling through as it really doesn’t hold much interest unless you’re a keen mountain biker or are into old war stuff as it was actually an also POW camp from WWII. They were very friendly people, I have no issues, but just not a kid friendly environment, that’s all.

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