Bridgetown and Greenbushes

Bridgetown, what can I say. We did from the get-go think the people were a tad on the unusual side. We needed to do about 20 million loads of washing (ok, I think it was more like 6, which is still a lot) but no one wanted to give us change for the washing machines which was annoying. Eventually hubby had to sweet talk some old lady shop keeper to get some gold coins, and we all laughed…hahahahaa. We saw a guy sitting outside the pub who had the good old fashioned bikie look, sorry to sterotype, but just saying for visual purposes. Any way, there was also a guy in there with “summer teeth” who was very odd indeed, but helpful all the same.


Anyway, turns out, after talking to a local that managed to escape (later on in our travels), he informed us that the town was indeed, in hubby’s terms “a yokel-backwards town”. The best part though was yet to come. When we went on to Greenbushes to stay there for a gig, there was a terribly strange lady that was always there, ready to pounce and pretty much never left the shelter of our awning. I may go out on a limb here and say she was just lonely, traveling on her own, which is why we were never rude or told her to go away, but we suddenly became a family of 6. She also wore the same aqua coloured jacket every day, of which I happen to have one in the same colour. Whenever I wear it now the girls call it the “crazy lady jacket” (but that’s a story for the pine plantation later on).

To be fair, there were some really awesome things about the town, there was an amazing community garden that I ran around taking pictures of.

There is also the most coolest couple from there, but, once again, that is a story for another time. All the same, they were very much like us, though slightly older, and were just amazing people. They gave us some liquid gold (pure water, straight from their own rain water source), and have welcomed us to their place for some amazing fresh-picked and organic, from their own garden, fruit and vegies.

There is also a pretty amazing place to stop for a few nights in Greenbushes. This is the place we camped at for some R & R.

The kids met some other girls their age and had such a great time playing all day for nearly a week on the play equipment, and they also went for a swim in what they called in that area a “pool”. Now, for us QLD’ers, I’d be more inclined to call it a dam or something along those lines, but, swimming hole is a swimming hole no matter the name. The weather was pretty nice and we did have a good time all the same. Don’t give this place a miss, it really isn’t all that bad, I do jest in good fun.

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