As a town it was nice and country-feeling. The shops were what you would expect from any large town, and the people were just as pleasant. It was the next biggest area to go shopping this side of the coast so infrastructure was pretty well looked after. They had a large heritage timber park that was actually pretty cool, and hubby got pulled into going on the slide with Evelyn as it was not my turn up to bat hahaha.

Just before the town there was the fire departments Diamond tree. This is a tree of which you can climb around 50m in the air, and was built for the firies to climb and keep lookout for any problem fires in the past. Now as much as I am willing to give most things a try, there were just a few issues with this one.

First and foremost, the way up was just a bunch of metal poles stuck into the tree in a windy kind of way, with a few metal strands around the outside as a way to stop you tumbling off the side. Nothing to stop you falling between the metal pegs, but at least a strand or 2 for the sides. Not feeling confident so far.

Problem 2 the kids decided they really wanted to have a girly fight about who knows what young-girls-that-know-everything argue about. In any case, climbing such a structure while refereeing a verbal battle between a 12 and 9 year old was not on my list of things to accomplish.

The final thing, and really the biggest problem was the march flies. Now if you have never had contact with one, don’t go looking for them. They are flies, yes, but about 4 times (literally) the size of a house fly and they bite! Hard! ( they are also known as horseflies for those in the other parts of Oz) There was no way, I mean no way, I was climbing that tree while simultaneously fending off those horrid creatures from hell. I’m not talking the odd 1 or 2, I mean we had to take it in turns to get back in the car, shooing them from the door, someone jumping in, then slamming the door shut behind them, while we shooed and prepped the next person for the dive into the car. In the end we still ended up with 4 of the blighters in the car, but yup, step outside that door and you were looking at between 5-10 of them jumping on each person in moments. So yeah, I took some pics and off we raced. No thank you.

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