Next up was Albany.

This was a much larger town by far, we even managed to buy some organic foods, the first in such a loong time too I might add (shame on you SA). I have to note here, in the organic shop we bought some Everymite. It is sort of like an organic, everything free, substitute for vegemite. Now, I’ve never tasted vegemite, and that is pretty much because it smells like pure grossness, but this smelt kind of ok. It was still black, and the lady assured me it tasted different, so I gave hubby the sample stick to determine if we should purchase it. He said it was actually quite nice, and he has mentioned many times over how much he misses buttered vegemite toast, so I bought this very expensive jar of pretend vegemite. As it was a treat, and we spent a stupid amount on it, ($15) I decided I’d try it. People, I have now found my new favourite spread! Better then peanut butter and honey on toast (peanut butter, honey and banana the kids tell me to write). Everymite, tomato, cheese, spinach, purple onion, chilli, all on a corn cake/cracker…nom nom nom.

Anyways, I didn’t mind the town and it had a lot going for it if you were a backpacker or non-caravan owner with all the hostels available. Lots of coffee shops, lots of touristy shops which once again were overpriced. Hubby words “the museum there should have been the museum of highway robbery”. The only thing they had on sale really was property after property. Another direct quote from the man himself “How can a town that seems it’s in such an economic downturn maintain such high prices?”. Lots to see and shops to visit but we are not your typical tourist as I’m sure you will know of us by now, so nothing there for us. And so, with that we bought our weeks’ worth of groceries and headed out of town to Cosy Beach camp.

Here we stayed for another week. It was such a horrible time. Out of the 7 days only 1 was actually sunny. The rest was overcast and windy and cold! The sand had that awful black stuff mixed in with it that made the souls of your feet insta-black. I really should have taken a pic to be honest. And of course, all the regular issues with living in a sandy area. Turns out I have a particular hatred for sand in the van and I turn nasty quick…long story short, miserable time filled with lots of cooped up time hiding out under the cover of our awning or our blankets. Also, terribly busy. We didn’t get a spot the first time we went there, having to sleep next to the nosiest road thus far the first night, but lucky for us we got one of the best spots (#4 for reference) the second night we rocked up. I guess that’s something at least. While we were packing up some old man came over and told us he wanted to check our spot and move his van there once we were gone. Not only had we not left yet, but were only ½ way through packing before he was there stepping and measuring out the space and putting his fishing gear all around to mark it as his own…pfft! We did plan slightly longer then a week, but I just couldn’t handle a day more so off we went!


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