Denmark (the WA version, Dad)

On to Denmark!

What a lovely town….on the outside. Beautiful shops. Wonderful produce in the IGA that was fresh and local and all very well priced. I shall restate, the fresh produce and the meat…mwah! The coffee was the best I have had in….hmm, I can’t recall. Maybe since I used to make my own? There was a total of 4 people with actual dreads and many others dressed like…I’m going to use the stereotype for mental imagery purposes…hippies, and it all seemed casual and chill. But it really was only skin deep. Only 2 types of people seemed to be in the town. Legit cool peeps that were happy to chat and share places of interest, and the snooty ones that act all organic/hippyish for the sake of saying they are “cool” (or ‘for sales’: direct quote from hubby). C’mon guys, pretending to care about your health and the benefit of the land we live and farm on is not cool, it’s dumb and makes you look snot nosed and nasty. But let’s move on as it’s clearly a topic that gets my goat. The locals (the good ones) said it was a town big on home schooling and Steiner schools. We even found a really neat little naturalist park for the kids. There was a health food store we tried to get into, but me and my bad directions led Brendan up a steeply inclined one way street, the wrong way…it was unmarked in my defence! As we tried to reverse into a little carpark to turn around, some lady rushed out in her car in order to yell at us that it was a one way street. If she had even a small amount of common sense she would have realised she had in actual fact blocked us from being able to reverse and go back down the street, so in true Brendan style he gave her his sweetest smile, a big thumbs, up and headed straight up the hill, in the wrong direction. Really, we had no choice as she had blocked our path with her car to yell at us. So, once she left we went into a carpark, reversed in the street and went back down the hill as we were indeed trying to do from the start. Now that we had drawn some unwanted attention we thought it might be an idea to just head on off to the next town. Somewhere along the way we discovered a meadery!


What? What is this meadery? Those that know us know we like mead, and this was a honey/mead/icecream shop all rolled into one. We sampled soo many honey flavours! Chocolate, hazelnut, chai, vanilla, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon! We looked at a live bee hive encased in glass, and I took it upon myself to find the queen…of which I did! We sampled some meads and even bought a bottle! I can’t explain the taste, and if you have a penchant for sweeter white wines then I can tell you, the flavours! You know when you read label’s on wine bottles that say there’s flavours of this and aromas of that and really it all sounds quite silly because it all just kind of tastes like wine. I don’t taste “chocolate flavours” or “berry flavours” or “rustic autumn flavours”…whatever that means anyway. But this! This really had 3 layers. White wine, then honey, then flowers and sweetness and summer in a flowery field. Ok, ok, I’ll stop. We also bought he kids icecream. Kya picked rose, almond and honey, Lily had cinnamon honey and Evelyn of course had chocolate honey. Then we moved on from Denmark.


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