We have made it into WA proper.

The first town up to bat, Esperance.

Now, the town itself didn’t have much in the way of choice when it came to staying the night outside of the overpriced caravan parks…and it they were smelly too, not sure what it was exactly, but definitely not for us! So we stayed at a place called Gibson Soak. It was actually quite nice. I didn’t really take photos as it really was just an open field, but I collected some gumnuts and hubby helped me smooth them and put a hole in them and I painted them and turned them into dread beads! (albeit likely too large to sleep comfortably in). We were in walking distance of a park and only 20-30 km’s from the town so we left the van there to go and explore. The beaches really are the brightest blue. If you look them up online and see the colour of the water and wonder if it’s been edited, to some extent sure, but the ocean really is that colour! The down side, it was just soo terribly windy! It was also cold and overcast for 90% of the time we were there. We decided to venture a trip to a beach for a few hours, but it was just too cold to swim. Brendan did go in for a test run…but came out just as fast. I assume you’re wondering what the town was like? It was an ok town, nice actually, but it was kind of expensive; things were just expensive for what they were. Hubby referred to it as a town of newlyweds and nearly deads.

We left Esperance and camped for a week at a tiny little place called Norman’s beach. It was just soo lovely and quaint, we really enjoyed it. Despite the few days of rain we had, it had it all. Beach and fresh water along with peace and tranquillity. Kya even caught a fish that I cleaned and cooked then and there. We all shared in her success and it was literally the most delicious fish we had ever eaten. I wonder if I can ever go back to eating fish that is anything but a few hours old ever again? It really was yummy and she was soo happy and proud of herself! I don’t get it but fishing is just something Kya loves to do.

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