What did I think of Adelaide? It has its good bits like the amazing sunsets

and its not soo good bits. When we went to Coles on the outskirts of the city we crossed paths with a lady screaming and swearing at 2 old ladies and giving them the finger because they parked in some spot that the woman…who was holding a 2 year old I might add…wasn’t happy about. In the other people’s defense, they said they’d parked there because her mum is 90 and can’t walk so far. I just about thought I had re-found Ipswich! We all had a good laugh and let them argue. This did make us feel more comfortable I’m sad to say, but it didn’t make us feel any warmer towards the capital of SA. And we also had to rug up because it was crazy cold…there were people with beanies on and everything…in summer! When we asked some locals apparently it was unusual weather and it should improve in the next day or so. It sort of did I guess. This was also the case for NSW and VIC when we went through. It was insanely hot, even for us, except for Portland of course, and the terrible wind and rain in Port Macdonnell just over the boarder. But, yes, those 2 states also had unusually hot weather with a heat wave. We’re starting to feel unwanted in the south.

While doing what needed to be done before we crossed the Nullarbor, we stayed at a place with a pretty cool playground for the kids and I finally, finally got some pictures of a pink lake!

We decided there was not much else for us seeing as it was home away from home so we all voted on a quick drive through of the city itself and then back to the caravan to pack up and head off towards WA. Turns out the city is actually very pretty. There are lots of beautiful old buildings and I didn’t get lost once. The streets and the layout is very well thought out, and there seems a lot of artsy fartsy type stuff there…lots of arts buildings and entertainment type ones. Brendan even found the real slim shady!

I don’t know, I guess the city itself, and even the outer regions are ok. While there we had the car serviced as well and when waiting had some maccas.


Hubby and I had a coffee but the kids had a happy meal. Wouldn’t you know it though, it’s all touch screens and they were able to tailor their meals with milkshakes and wraps and nuggets and burgers. It was terribly fancy! When did that happen?

We all agreed that we did like that small part of SA, but the rest is soo ill-fitting for us that it really doesn’t have enough of a pull to say we’d stay. Work was easy for hubby to source given the trucks, but we’d only end up in the same place I fear so on we went.

After leaving Adelaide we stopped at a rest stop and I found pink lake number 2! The moon that night over the lake was soo amazing. I wish I could share just how truly amazing it was but the camera on my little phone just never does justice to true beauty…which is why I think I never turn out well in photos. You just cant replicate such amazing imagery! Hahahaha

We only stayed the night though to sleep as really these pink lakes are just salt…and you can imagine how Brendan feels about having his baby, I mean car, soo close to salt, so we headed to a town called Port Pirie to get some washing done. It was ok, we swam off the pier and the girls swam with a bunch of other kids which was nice for them.

The water was really nice for swimming, but it was the saltiest water I have ever swam in! As a result we dried out really quickly so left to find a place to rest and recoup before continuing. While there Brendan decided to work on the car…not my idea of a fun afternoon, and really the only response I got was “welcome to transport”. For those that don’t know what it means to work on a vehicle on the side of the road “transport style”, or just anywhere not at home or on concrete, here is how it looks by the end of it…

Outside showering tonight I think love!

On the plus side, I have made amends with the toilet cassette and we are back on friendly terms. Which is good, I hate arguing with the toilet….I never thought I’d say that in my lifetime I can tell you. All part of it, and no welcome to transport in that one, though I’m sure if I ask hubby he’ll find a connection so let’s not ask.

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