In the mean time

We have since been and gone to Adelaide, (of which I will update with pics once I finish this last assessment this week) and we met some lovely people there too who are also traveling with their kids, except they were on their way to the capital where as we were on our way out of it. We will be heading across the Nullarbor soon, and here is what I can tell you so far about SA…I love the beautiful views, the sunsets really are the best I have ever seen, the beaches all seem nice…until you go on them (you’ll have to ask Brendan about our unfortunate trip to Maslin beach hahahaha) and the people mostly keep to themselves, however…The weather here is just awful. It is nice and hot, but it is also so terribly dry that I just about shrivel up each day. Brendan complains every morning having to wake up next to my swollen face, and because I am so tired all the time from the dry heat, and because I am always on the verge of dehydration, I am always cranky. It is not pleasant being around so many people in such a small space with no reprieve from the dryness but to lock ourselves in the caravan with the aircon pumping, but then being locked in a small space like that is only slightly more tolerable because at least our brains are not frying as well. The ground is so dry that there is always dirt and dust on the caravan floor, the end of my bed is about as dirty as the ground anyway from the constant in and out of the kids who just can’t seem to climb into the caravan without grabbing my quilt cover that my Nonna gave me, and the flies! The kids for some reason need to open the see-through screen door to ask a question, and in the mean time about half a dozen flies decide to come in and set up shop!

It’s too hot to cook, but that’s ok because even if we did, it’s too hot to eat. So far we pretty much have been living off corn crackers with salad on it, sometimes with curried egg, sometimes with tuna, but always with the quick tomato, lettuce and cheese. It tastes amazing with the salt and pepper piled on, but I’d say that’s because of all the sweat we’re oozing on a minute by minute basis. We also live off coconut water, Brendan’s oat bars he made up and chocolate. At dinner we shake ourselves up just enough to quickly cook pasta or stew or chips or anything quick and easy that only takes the one pot. My washing gets dry in record times, that’s a plus, but the clothes get dirty and dusty just as quick, so is it really a win?

And did I mention the toilet? My old nemesis, the cassette loo kicks up a right stink when someone poops in there and the mercury starts to climb. Now I’m not paranoid by any means, but I do have a slight fear of bum worms and public toilet germs, so when I say it stinks, I mean it is bad enough to warrant us leaving the shelter of the vans awning to go to the stinky public dunny with the kids in tow just so we don’t have to smell our own roses while we’re sleeping at night. And did I mention Kya dropped the toothpaste in there? I don’t know how, and to be honest I really don’t care, it’s too hot to care, but she did and when it came time to empty it…good old mum will get it hey guys! Pfft. So that was a funny sight to see me meticulously…well more meticulous then I already am, clean our toilet so I can tip the cassette upside down and shake it to get the toothpaste to the opening so I can gingerly and very carefully pull it out with my gloved hands. I thought me and the loo had an arrangement going on, I won’t call it names if it stops being a pain the rear. Anyway, it all worked out fairly well, lucky Its a large hole, I have small hands and the toothpaste was nearly empty so was actually mostly rolled up. Didn’t take long.

So for those of you wanting to know, yes I still like being in a caravan. I still like being able to wake up next to hubby every morning and the kids are loving the school work I have set for them. We are all hating the dry heat and are all cranky and arguing but that’s all part of it. It is a very trying time, I will agree, and we are really having to think of healthy ways to cook and eat to meet our daily needs in this weather and keep hydrated, but it is really part of the learning process. Our grocery bills are improving and we are spending less and making the food go further and the kids are keeping their clothes cleaner because we never know when we will get the chance to wash again. We have successfully worked out the finer tunings of the fridge and we only really need cold showers in this heat so the gas is lasting almost twice as long. Also in really really good news, I am getting better at reading maps! Now it’s only 1 maybe 2 dead end streets or wrong turns I make per town instead of getting us lost at every possible chance. Brendan says it’s because the towns are getting smaller and are only 2 streets anyway but we can agree to disagree on that one

The parts I love, the sights and the newness of it all, the parts I hate, crabby kids that are hot and bothered and in the danger zone of dehydration because they know better and stinky poo toilets!

Im very excited to make it to WA though I must admit…

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