Oat bars!!

Are you wondering what we eat while on the road?

We actually eat quite well, lots of high nutrient-low energy foods like stir fry, tuna noodles, curries and curried eggs. We eat lots and lots of tomato, cheese and spinach on corn crackers. We also seem to go through a fair bit of honey, but between the 5 of us and it being our only sugar source I think I’m ok with that. We snack on yoghurt and nuts and a tonne of fruit…and carrots! When the kids are hungry…or should I say “hungry”, because I swear they say it out of habit, we always refer them to carrots after they have eaten their quota of fruit, breakfast, lunch and morning/afternoon tea snacks. We also have our carb meals and desserts like pasta and creamy coconut rice pudding! And one of the really lovely things is that Brendan does do most of the cooking, he truly is better at it then me (and I am better at the cleaning so that is my job) and the 3 girls get involved most nights. I love watching the 4 of them tease each other over peeled carrots and onion rings and cubed chicken and noodles simmering. I do really miss Ethan’s stir frys, he literally makes the best stir frys ever! So we went and bought all the fresh goodies for it and Brendan made a pork and almond stir fry full of vegies just for me! I feel soo special.

Any way, I am getting distracted…the point of this is that we found ourselves in an energy deficit while making our way between Adelaide and WA. As we were using up all our extra energy (by we I really mean me) to keep our temperatures level in the dry heat, so Brendan made up his own recipe for oat bars that we use as snacks, fillers, breakfast, dessert and anything in between. They are really yummy, but we still haven’t perfected the recipe just yet. In any case I will write what we have and you can try it yourself and tell me not only if it works in a standard house kitchen, but also any tweaks you can think of that may make it better:

750g oats (quick oats, not rolled)

4 tbsp cacao/cocoa powder

4 (or more) tspn ginger powder or minced (minced is better)

3 cup dessicated coconut

3 1/2 cup coconut flour

1.2 L water

3 eggs

1 tin coconut cream/milk

5 tbsp coconut oil

2 tspn vanilla essence

3 tspn honey for each tray to drizzle on top before baking

mix dry, add water then mix, add coconut milk/cream then mix, beat eggs lightly add and mix, add the oil and essence. place in a lined slice tray and spread the honey ontop then put in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 220*C. They will be soft and squishy and will be able to be turned out and cut after cooling for 10 minutes.

We keep them in the fridge so I don’t know how they would go on the bench. It makes about 4 slice trays, so that’s alot, but it only lasts a few days for us. We grated 1/2 block of 85% cocoa chocolate in this batch and it did taste amazing, and we also put in some goji berries but we’d rather eat them on their own. Sultanas do work well but once again, the family likes them on their own better. The chocolate in these photos and the first ever batch we made where we added about 3 tablespoons of brown sugar to it was the best, but we didn’t want the added sugar so omitted it. The honey on top can go in the batter, but you’d need about 3-4 tablespoons of it, so to keep the amount down we put it ontop. It really is needed to keep it moist though so don’t forget to add it.

Any who, if you are interested in Brendan’s coveted rice pudding recipe (Ky, I reckon the kids would love it, and those that are on the road it’s a great cheap belly filler) you will have to ask personally for it as it’s not mine to give hahahaha.

I love love love baking so please do let me know if you try it and how it all went.

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