Onto the next state…South A

We have officially made it to South Australia! After our flight from the heat in Geelong, followed by the coldness of Portland, we finally made it to SA, and so far soo good. The sun is shining, the breeze is soft and gentle, and the beach is….not a great beach, but at least there’s sand and sun and salt water, so it’ll do (we had stopped at 8 mile creek, a few minutes short of a sweet little town called Port MacDonnell). I didn’t get to taking any pics, but to be honest, there’s not much to see. You can see the beach from the car window where the caravan is, so it’s close, but as the following day showed…too close. On the beach was a tonne of seaweed, about 20 or so swans…along with their poops, and a highly mineralised fresh water creek running to the ocean (by that I mean it smelt really strongly of fart…no wait, Bren says it’s called sulphur). We were happy to stay and ride out the smells, you did get used to it, but then it started to rain…there goes the sun and sand and salt life…We decided to leave, and considered staying in Port MacDonnell, but Mr Gordon Lewis, crayfish capt’n, saw us and came over with the biggest, freshest, and still warm from being cooked, lobster I’ve ever seen. Bit of a story there about fishing and what-not, but that is for Brendan to tell to his mates, not mine…anyways, he suggested we have some dinner there and some beers and some chats…like I said, a sweet little town. After we left there, we headed towards Mount Gambier and found a nice place…what we thought was a nice place…in Tantanoola, where there is a local story about the Tantanoola tiger. Bren says we’ll be famous now cuz we found it!

While there Bren took us all out for dinner at the local pub. I liked the meal but I also had a glass of red wine, and the kids liked the meal, but hubby says it’s not the best example of a good pub meal…?? In any case, we did have a nice time together as a family and then went to bed, but all night long we heard this monotonous, droning hum. Brendan kept saying “that’s a bloody power station” and turns out there is a power station very close by. We all got a bad night’s sleep and some of us got headaches from it…don’t tell me power stations are all good nearby!! Never again. Plus, Brendan won’t let me live down my choice of rest stop. And so onwards to Mount Gambier we went!

We stayed in what the locals refer to as “the Mount” (better then where we come from, where locals refer to it as “the hole”) for nearly a week. We pulled into an old Bunnings carpark because I’m the worst navigator there is to be had this side of Australia (and probably the rest of it I’d say), and got a screw in the tyre. We didn’t actually know until we stopped at the place we had picked and when we pulled up I heard “more money”…uh-oh! I was a little annoyed but hubby wasn’t because apparently it’s a good tyre, something about no tubes, so we were easily able to take it into tyre power in “the mount” and get it sorted very cheaply…they were actually really good. I can’t say anything about it either because I just get a “welcome to transport”…so let’s leave that one alone. We also got Evelyn her latest shots and she had some temps for a day and a bit so we were happy to stay put for a while to let things settle. The best news ever though…Bren took me to a laundromat to wash all my sheets, towels, quilt covers and clothes! It was only 6 loads!!! And as it was windy for 2 days, I got all 6 loads dry in 2 days. While we were there we did some touristy things, we saw the replica of the ship that did a lot of the exploring of Australia, the sinkhole and the blue lake (according to Brendan, it is as good as it sounds). By this point we’d had enough of sitting still so moved on in search of a beach!

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