Heading towards the capital…slowly

From Mount Gambier we stayed at Pink’s beach for a few days. Day 1 was ok, but we got there late-ish so not much to do and not much swimming. Day 2 was amazing, we went to the beach in the morning and the arvo to miss the heat of the day and the water was warm and pretty calm. The plan was to stay longer, but I nearly died. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but I was quite unwell. The sun and wind and lime that is within the sand made me terribly dehydrated. I got sunburnt quite badly, but I don’t think it was just the sun, I think it was also a mixture of the lime-sand and wind (apparently, this is called the limestone coast…go figure). In any case, it was bad enough I became disorientated and Brendan had to pull out our trusty gennie and fire up the A/C for a whole day. He kept waking me up to drink water as I was just soo sleepy, and cranky apparently. The whole time I felt like crap Bren was in the background saying, “I had to work in this, poor Joe nearly died in it too when he came for a run with me”…and of course “welcome to transport!”. I guess I was lucky he had been through this with work and knew just what to do. The next day we got our stuff together, the weather had turned anyway again and was cloudy and windy, and headed off to the town a few minutes up the road, Kingston SE. We were going to stay there for 2 days but the RV park was pretty packed so we went and saw the big lobster and headed off again. Another beach up the road we considered staying at, Granites beach, happened to have a fishing competition on over the weekend so we headed off again and ended up at one of those good old fashioned rest stops. That was not the best night’s sleep as we parked right ontop of the nest  of the largest ants alive (a possible slight exaggeration) so we decided to head back to Kingston SE and stay for the 2 nights. Turns out it was a lovely little town. We didnt go swimming as we were there when they called out the winners of the fishing comp…and they were all winning with sharks, so we skipped on the swimming, however I did manage to get my washing done!! So now we are to head off towards Adelaide and hopefully SA starts to impress cuz so far, I’m hating the lime and the dryness and the constant wind…


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