The last of Victoria

After the GOR we stopped in a large town called Warrnambool and it was actually really lovely. I would live there I think, but we didn’t stay long enough for me to be able to say for sure. They had markets on at the time and we bought a heap of organic honey, garlic and cacao nibs (an interesting taste). We also bought ourselves a little coconut chocolate slice…it was yum. It was really nice weather there and they had this amazing natural spring spa that I really desperately wanted to go to, complete with massages, facials, body scrubs and masks and the works and I was trying to convince Bren to do a couples one but we couldn’t because, you know, “kids and the dog” was his excuse (and he also says “it made the room spin…cuz…cuz of all the gayness”…if you’ve seen Talladega nights this will make sense). So we left and landed in Portland. The first day there seemed ok enough. A bit cooler but we weren’t complaining given the heat we’d left behind. The next day however was yucky and overcast and freezing! We all had our long clothes on but not the locals strangely enough. We drove around looking for a park to workout at and everywhere everyone was playing cricket for some strange reason. We did the shortest session ever because we were too cold and so we headed back to the caravan and stayed in bed for the rest of the day, snuggling under the blankets.  Brendan didn’t like feeling like he was hiding out, so we decided to leave the next day…no wait, he says it’s because it was too cold, not because he was hiding from the weather. We did some touristy things and went on a 7km hike to see some seals and a petrified forest and blowholes…I took some photos, you be the judge on if it was worth 7k’s of towing kids…so we left! We made a beeline for South Australia hoping to find the sun over the border.

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