The actual start of our journey…for reals

The last mention was us leaving Redland Bay Tranquility Park…with a loose use of the word tranquillity as the 2 roads the block was corned on were main roads and terribly noisy!

Off we went. Hubby and I had previously decided to head south in search of a beach because even though Rainbow beach kept calling us, we were certain it was the familiarity we were searching for. What is the point of all this if we still only go where we’ve been before. Instead, we decided to head south and make our way to a place called Myrtle Beach. On the way we stopped at Bicentennial Park rest stop somewhere near Ballina. It was actually quite pleasant, and much quieter then the last place, but we were not sure if we were allowed to stay overnight. Wikicamps says yes, and the signage said yes, but you never know when crossing into enemy territory…I mean NSW…so we just stayed for the night as we were all a bit on the tired side. We woke up, filled the tanks, all had a glorious long hot shower and I cleaned the van while hubby picked our next stop, Lilydale National Park on the Clarence River. We made a pit stop in Grafton for snacks for the bottomless pits, and in we went, the dark zone with no reception as some of my friends discovered. Here’s how it went…

Saturday: nice place, good spot, rain that consistently turned on and off enough to make it a tad on the wet side everywhere.

Sunday: better on the rain side of things but the river is rising and Brendan wonders if we should leave. We go for a drive to try and check the weather and apparently, it is to clear. I washed all our backlog of clothes since we left Ethan’s on Tuesday. I know the dampness in the air will mean it will take a lifetime to dry, but they are not getting any cleaner sitting in the basket.

Monday: the rain is almost all gone and my washing is just about dry. We all went for a swim and everyone seems to be having a good time but me, I am getting the ‘wet weather woes’ and am feeling depressed and snippy…I swear if I don’t see the sun soon! Kya needed polaramine because with the slowing of the rain came some wind which stirred up some pollen somewhere around the place and has given her terrible hayfever, poor kid.

Tuesday: Evelyn has wet the bed because dearest hubby gave them all a hot chocolate before bed. Good news is my washing is dry so I have room for it, and the sun!! I see the sun! We spent as much time in the river as we could between the girls’ doing school work, staying out of the midday sun and our ever-present hunger. We have had a great time…finally…and I think we are going to stay 1 more day

And just think, it has taken how long now?

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