Quick little update

We are still here at the little “Tranquility” park at Redland Bay…

Not. Happy.

When we looked online it says there is a toilet here…but it’s locked!?! The guy that runs the place is kinda creepy, winking at me and asking if it’s ok to take a family photo before we go…err, no! He stands less then 30cm away when talking to me, and even when I step back, he steps closer!

Plus we are in a disagreement over water levels. Hubby says we have heaps, 3 more days at least! I say too bad, it’s not worth risking, so we are on shower and dish washing water rations on my say so. Found out what a truckies wash is last night. I must say, it was actually kinda nice to be honest. Hubby filled a bucket with some clean warm water, put some water-soluble eucalyptus, clove and tea tree oil in it and we used that to wipe ourselves down with our own personal chux. I actually felt the cleanest I have since we left baby brother’s house with full use of his delicious hot shower. I still don’t know it’s necessary, but I’d like to know the chidlren’s limits and capacity to handle such stresses when it might not be required, before we get to a critical point and actually have serious issues…so far, so good.

But I have a large pile of dirty washing to show for it!! Drat!

I now know that our little Dometic cassette toilet can last for 2.5 days with us girls using it 100% and Brendan using it, well, just for #2’s because…err, he’s used to being in a truck and knows how to conserve toilet space…and let’s not say anymore on the matter.

Anyway, half of Tuesday, all of Wednesday and all of Thursday. The light has come on saying it is half full, but I can see inside the thing and it looks like it’s much more then half! Either way we’re up a bit of a creek because we still have not heard from Mike Vine about the turbo being complete, so we are here, with a locked loo literally 20 metres away, and a full toilet and no where to put it! Hubby suggested alternative means this morning for his morning routine and I also happened to find my limit in life…pooping in a bag. I’m sorry, I just can’t do it. That is off the cards for our family that’s for sure!

I am for getting a spare cassette, hubby says no because where do we store it in the mean time? True…but still….a bag??

Any advice on where to go from here?

2 thoughts on “Quick little update

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I love the way your family has set of on this adventure as you head west. I wish you happy and safe travels and all the best with your studies. 🙂 Bec (from EDE222 unit)


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