The next day

We were really starting to enjoy this little place and thought we’d stay one more day, but the van gods did not agree. We had run out of water and couldn’t stay any longer, so we needed to head into Grafton for a refill of all things required; food, water, fuel, rubbish to the bins and a new place to stay. Evelyn was soo angry we had to leave, she became nasty and snippy with her sisters, which made them cranky, which made us all cranky, so our Wednesday did not start out well. And, as always, something went wrong. I wouldn’t call it a day without some kind of mishap.

The Tuesday night Brendan and I discussed with the kids if they did not break anything for a whole fortnight, then we would treat them to a McFlurry from maccas. Wednesday morning Lily opened their cupboard door and broke the little button that opens the latch. Just like that their treat was forfeit as 1 goes they all go, the kids must be a team. It was something small and Brendan had already thought up a solution as the part that holds the button is plastic. He went over them all and we are assuming that they will all need replacing sooner or later, so as long as we get a certain type of screw he tells me he can fix them all when they go. Now we add Bunnings to our list of refill stops.

2 seconds later I opened the cutlery drawer and the button broke! My treat is now forfeit too. So yes, the van gods are telling us to leave. Surprisingly Grafton is actually a pretty nice little place. Lots of shops and lots to do it seemed, though no places to park the van to spend any time there outside of necessities, so I window shopped my little heart out! I went nuts.

All goes well in town, and we decide to head to Yuraygir national park as there are a fair few places to set up right on the beach. The first sign we should have noted was the entry fee for a day trip, followed by camp fees. The second sign was the constant ‘road works’ and ‘upgrades in process’ signs. The third was the number of workers we followed in. The final sign that told us not to stay was the great big ‘no dogs allowed’ sign. So we left. Now we are searching for a nice place to go to the beach as the kids are soo stoked just for the beach, and who would have thought that there are almost no free/cheap places along the nsw coast to stop that we can take the dog too. We got tired of driving to this place and that place and just picked the nearest place and now we are at Mooney Beach. At $50 for the night for just a patch of grass too i might add. Nice place and we can have the dog and there’s hot showers, toilets, a beach, swings and the works….but at $50 a night, we are only here for the 1 night for the sake of the kids…and us…finally getting to the beach we’ve been talking about for how long now?

As we have arrived here quite late, we set up (all of 10 minutes) cooked dinner, showered, and now i am sitting here trying to get the kids to sleep as fast as i can so hubby and i can have a bit of sneaky chocolate in peace and some quiet time together.

The plan is to wake up early and spend as much time at the beach as we can then move on out again, heading south once more.

As a side note, I broke the sunroof…silly thing is soo hard to slide, now my poor darling hubby has yet one more thing to add to his ‘to-do’ list…and i guess this means next fortnights treat is also forfeit for me now too. “More money” he says…i think it might be his catch-phrase.



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