Windjana gorge and Tunnel Creek

Do not miss this place! Ok, so there is a tad-bit of driving to get there, and it is kind of a bit of the Gibb, so maybe not at the end of the season when the road has had lots of traffic and is in the middle of road works, but still – worth every bit of it!

There is not much to Windjana, but it’s a lovely walk and makes you appreciate the planet soo much more when you see its history on display in the rocks as it is there. We were there early enough that the sun was not on the banks for the fresh water crocs to be out, but we saw a fair few eyes and noses on the water, so definitely no swimming! We also got to see a birds nest, a chap said it was a lyrebird, but I think it might be a bower bird…I’ll have to look it up and find out.

But! Tunnel creek has so far been the highlight of this trip. You park the car, walk down through a rock crevice, over some boulders, then into another crevice where you stand in a cave with a pond of water. Turn on the torch, duck down low and step over some large stones, across a teeny trickle of water and across to a sandy bank. Follow the sandy bank and you will start to hear a little waterfall. Across from you is a small waterfall coming from somewhere above in all the rocks. Continue on, cross the small stream that is flowing and step into an opening in the cave. Take a few more steps in and hear the bats chatter to each other. Follow the sandy bank until you reach a deeper section of the creek traveling through the cave, and wade in unitl you reach the other side…I guess at least. It was at this point that Evelyn started to quietly whisper to daddy that it was ok if he felt he wanted to go back because she did too. The sounds, the smells, the feelings. It is literally just the most amazing place ever. It also has some incredible history! Look up Jandamarra, this is the cave he had his last stand in. If you ever travel, do not miss this!

Oh yes, you will need to travel on the Gibb for this part, but keep your speed down and lower your tyre’s PSI and you should be fine. It’s worth every bump and jolt, but do make sure you have a whole day to appreciate and explore both places.

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