(sorry, no pics for this post just yet, I only have 2% space left to upload images, so I’ll have to figure something out)

Let’s see.  As Australia Post decided to make us the 1% (again) of parcels that seemingly get misplaced, we found ourselves stuck here for almost 2 weeks. This meant we missed out on catching up with our Karratha friends, Carlie and her kids, of which myself and the girls were bitterly disappointed. Booo Australia Post!


We stayed at a roadside stop for 2 days and caught up on our exercise which was nice, but it was intensely dry and hot, and as it was just dirt, we were not exactly spoiled for choice over what else we could do. We decided to head to Molly springs for a dip, and that was lovely really, so we did this twice. When the due delivery day came we went into the town and asked the ladies about our parcel, of which it was not there. We also asked them about printing so I could send the girl’s home education assessments away. They gave me the run around, so apparently, they don’t know anything about their own town either! And it’s not like it’s an overly large town. We found a National Office shop ourselves, got our printing done and headed back to the stupid post office to send it away. Lucky for us though, the National Office lady told us about the caravan parks in town, gave us her recommendation, and so off we went to spend 9 nights there. The caravan park, Ivanhoe Caravan Park, was excellent. It fit within our budget, as in it wasn’t a rip off like the Big 4 or Discovery Parks, and the kids had a pool to swim in every day, we used the camp kitchen to cook so our van didn’t get hot and we saved on gas, and we had a/c the whole time! Definitely recommend this place. We met some really interesting people, Evelyn started to teach herself how to swim, we had Evelyn’s birthday here too, so it was all in all not such a bad experience.

However! What was due on the Wednesday still had not come by our check out day the following Friday, so we left and hung out at the Ivanhoe crossing. This wasn’t such a bad place, except for the 7m salty that had been spotted by a drone and fisherman, dragging a whole beast, in the local area. We took all the precautions we could, only going for quick dips in ankle deep rapids. The locals seemed to have no issues with it though, jumping off the bridge and everything!


In any case, we had missed our friends, lost 2 weeks, and used up some QLD caravan park time in Kununurra where petty theft was rife and crocs were common. The Coles was not only overpriced but not very well stocked, and Australia Post was to blame for it all.

We finally, finally got our whey, which was what we were waiting on in case you were wondering why we bothered to expend soo much effort into waiting, on the Monday. This, after Brendan had made several “Brendan style” phone calls.


But let’s close this on a positive…thank you Muscle Coach for our new singlets! We asked for these as we religiously buy their whey protein isolate, a staple in our diet, and wanted to represent them as we travel. We frequently get asked about our Mr. Supplement shirts if we are reps for them, which we are not, so I decided to ask Muscle Coach for shirts so we could be a rep for them based on a quality product. So, thanks Muscle Coach!


And now off to the NT!!


2 thoughts on “Kununurra

  1. Hi guys looks like we missed you, we are on our way to Cape Leveque now and then heading south on the WA coastline. Enjoy NT, we loved it.


    1. Oh no! We have only just left Katherine 2 days ago, but we lost about 2 weeks at Kununurra which has really thrown us off. Hope you are all traveling well, did I end up giving you my number? xx


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