First impressions were not good. It was now getting quite hot, the town seemed to be swarmed with foot-traffic that put themselves in the position of right-away, which meant you really needed to keep your eyes peeled. There was no reasonably priced accommodation, but this is the story we had been told by travellers from everywhere, so we were not surprised. We went to check out Willie creek but the road was just not caravan friendly, let’s say that. There were plenty of road works going to on fix that, but as it was the end of the season we had 3 options, just-graded road, move-off-the-side-so-they-can-work road, or end-of-season-corrugated road.


Second impression, because we were waiting on a letter and had to return, amazing! We decided to do a tourist-thing and walk through the town looking at their wares. It was a nice stroll through town, and it was great to see the pearling history, and there was a local artist that had his own shop we purchased cards from to remember the place (another consideration for wall hangings) but the best part was the beach! There was sand, the water was lovely, the sun was shining…all-in-all it was an excellent beach. We were tempted to stay an extra day based on the beach alone, but we had freshly stocked up at the excellent Coles, filled our water tanks and fuel tanks, so really just needed to move on. It also didn’t help that the weather was increasing in heat rather quickly, and we still needed to get to Darwin!

The end vote for this place was good, and we would love to return if just to spend a few days at the beach. It is at this point that Brendan is starting to enjoy both the countryside and the weather. He keeps saying, “I could live here, I like places like this”…hmm

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