What a lovely city, but therein also lies the problem…city. It was nicely spread out, there was a large parkland we hoped to see while driving past, but the walls and fence were too high. We saw several emergency vehicles race around, some boats on the water, tunnels, and roads – lots and lots of winding roads. What was meant to be a ‘turn right here’ became a ‘oh you missed it, take the next right instead and we’ll circle back’. Followed by, ‘oh dear, that was it there, you missed it again’. Hubby mentions something along the lines of ‘just doing a U-turn’, but only when we happen to be on a one-way street. And the next right hand turn is only a left-hand turn from the other side, which you can’t cross because of the median strip. Yes, Perth was lots of fun…one word for it at least. I took what photos I could while simultaneously directing us past each turn, always a second too late. There was much we wanted to see, but not only was my navigational skills put to the test (and found failing), but we also had time nipping at our heels as I was already a week behind my 13 week prac in Karratha. So we came, we saw, we left rather quickly I’m afraid to say.

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