This one is a hard one to place in the like or dislike category. Jo, you are right, it is an awesome place, but it’s still not the greenery of Qld, which I feel like I’m starting to miss.

Let’s see, how would I describe this place? It’s a mining town, with lots of mining workers. There’s shops, K-mart, Coles and Woolies, the WA version of the reject shop called Red Dot, a few fashion shops and a health food/fitness sup shop. There’s coffee shops, a really great library and even a fitness centre. They had outdoor gym facilities and car shops galore. All-in-all, just about anything you might need to live here indefinitely. Because of this there’s more or less always something to do…if you like that sort of thing. I don’t mind it for a short while, but really, there’s only so much small town shopping any one person can handle, and I think I reached my max at around week 4 of our 12 week stay.

The beach was both amazing and not soo amazing. It was all shells, literally! The kids and I had an awesome time collecting shells, to the point that hubby banned any more shell collecting in fact, and there was one time the water was bath warm so I had a swim. Problem is, there is always a gas plant or other mining plant somewhere in the background. The other factor of the beaches here, the tides! Oh they go out for kilometres, so if you get it wrong, no beach for you! And sometimes the wind was unbearable.

Actually, the whole second half was windy to the point of making life very hard for Kya, who gets terrible sinus problems in dusty, polleney wind. Lucky for us, the caravan park we stayed at was awesome in what it provided, so we plugged in the power and put on the a/c to help filter the air for her. We had the buffet dinner there too. It’s certainly no restaurant meal, but at $20 for all you can eat roast dinner with all the trimmings, there is no way I will give the meal anything less than an awesome! I did a crazy-mum-on-a-mission clean of the caravan, then we went out for dinner and the van stayed clean…for the whole day!

The other greatest thing about Karratha, we made some incredible friends. Carlie and her beautiful kids, a girl Lily’s age and a boy just older then Kya. They were very calm and well behaved kids, honestly, and I loved chatting to Carlie about our various hiccups in life. I think of them often and miss them more. So, here are some links to Reif’s photography sites because he really is a sweet young man and deserves support for his hard work. I’ll certainly be asking him for some shots to hang on my wall when we stop, that’s for sure! Really do make sure you check out his Instagram pics…amazing!



And Carlie knows a ton about stones and crystals, sharing her knowledge with the girls about how a rock is formed and at what layer, in which year. She has a site that you can purchase goods from, and she also sets up markets during her travels, I’ll post a pic of one of the stones she gifted me with. Here is her faacbook page that provides contact details if you’re interested in such things as I am.


Now, this post has become quite long, so I’ll stop here, but when doing a family vote on yay or nay for Karratha, the verdict was yes 4-to-1, with Kya being a no on accountability of her sinus. Brendan and I both see the work opportunities there, and Lily and Evelyn just love Seisha!

I should also mention Dampier…and unless we missed the actual town and there was more somewhere else, there really was not much there at all. A pretty good playground for the girls, an icy-cold beach for a swim, and a lovely view of salt exportations. But it was the site of the famous red dog, so we took pics of that before heading out. Unfortunately we missed Point Samson (sorry Jo), but by the time I had finished the full-time part of my prac we really just wanted to make tracks and see more then the same-old-same-old…and to make sure we were across the top before the wet season.

Here are some pics I missed that were on Bren’s phone

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