No updates just yet…

I’m sorry all, but I have 2 assessments and my prac upcoming so I really need some head down bum up time which means blogging must really simmer on the back burner. I am still trying to take photos of things as we go and remember all that goes on, but there’s just been soo much going on. We’ve had Lily’s birthday and Easter and my birthday is upcoming and next week I am to go to the school I’ve been assigned for the prac for a quick meet and greet and to make a start, which is followed by 2 weeks of school holidays where I will be going hell for leather to get these asssessments completed. Once they are done it will be onto my 3 week prac block, and as soon as that is done we will need to move as fast as we can onto the next place so that I can start what is essentially a 13 week block of prac. After that things should settle to a more manageable pace, and I can hopefully catch up (in that week between I hope actually), and you will find out all about Bunbury and the surrounds, along with the places between here and my next placement. The good news is I have all my units planned out and I have only 1 year left of my studies. Additionally, those that are considering it, particularly a bachelor of early childhood, I would say just go for it! The staff at Curtin have been soo amazing and helpful, I doubt this would have worked without them making sure I have all I need when I need it (I’m name dropping… thank you Jenny and Glenys).

In any case, this pretty much means I’m all hands on deck for uni for the next 6 weeks. Sorry. If I do find some time to scratch my nose (one of my Nonna’s sayings when we used to work together), then I will use it instead to update. But in the meantime, uni must take priority, it’s just one of them things.

I do have to update our oat bars also at some point. They have been a work in progress now since SA I believe it was, and we have been making changes and, sometimes improvements, sometimes not, until we have exactly what we want…a nutritious breakfast/snack/dessert cakey-bar-thingy that satisfies our belly’s need for food, our tounge’s need for deliciousness and our brain’s nagging for sweet, sweet dessert…mind you without the sugar! So when we finally have exactly what we are looking for, I shall include the updated recipe post haste.

So, until then dearest friends and family, I have little choice but to leave you in anticipation, of which I am sorry.

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