Crossing the Nullarbor

We left Port Pirie, or the place near there we were staying at, with the intentions of staying in Port Augusta for a few days, then heading south to Port Lincoln and back up to the Nullarbor. Trouble is, when we got there we were just soo tired of being in SA, and were sick of the weather and being soo dry that even little Evelyn had wrinkles around her eyes that we decided to linger no longer. Besides, the town was too unsavory for Brendan’s liking, so we fueled up, fooded up and legged it. Off to the Nullarbor we went!

We managed to sit behind a larger vehicle that Brendan says helps with fuel economy so he was well pleased, until I remembered the sunroof was still open a bit so we pulled over and lost the vehicle. He was annoyed but glad I remembered before we had gone anywhere. We drove for a while and reached the apparent half way point of the country, so of course stopped and took some pics.

Off we went again! However, as we had spent the morning emptying toilets and getting groceries and filling water and what not, the day became hot quick so we all agreed to stop and wait out the heat of the day locked up in the van with the a/c pumping. Once it cooled we packed it all up and went off again!

Turns out the kids need to stop every 1.5 hours for a toilet break. I know this because we timed it over 3 full days. Anyway, we stopped again later on to cook dinner and eat and have a wash, then head off again for a few more hours until it turned dark. This side of the country it doesn’t get dark until about 8:30-9:00 so we snagged a couple more hours. We pulled over for the night, slept, woke up and had breakfast and repeated the same pattern again.

We did see a big galah, but because we were stopping soo much for this that and the other, I just took a pic as we rolled by.

By dinner time on the second day we had made it to the border at Ceduna, and as we could not take fruit, vegies or honey, we decided to eat what we could and cook the rest. We made a massive batch of oat bars that were pretty much dripping with honey, and the kids ate fruit for dessert. We also made our pasta sauce for dinner so the vegies were cooked. We could have gone on, but as we still had fruit left, we decided to wait the night there and cross the quarantine station the next morning.

Fruit again for breakfast, top up of fuel, and off we went. We passed with no troubles, except for the dirt on the car floor mats…of which I was given a hand held vacuum cleaner to suck up. The lady was really lovely, and we took some nice shots of the place and then moved on.

There were a few places reminiscent of the great ocean road that we stopped at to take some pics, and aside from that there really was not a lot to see…surprising, I know. In any case, it was quite a nice drive.

Once we made it to the other side, we stopped at a rest spot for a few days because I had 3 assessments due and Brendan needed rest.

From there we went into Norseman to restock, but as it was crazy expensive, we only got enough fruit, vegies and honey to last us until Esperance. We were going to stay there for a few days, but like all good ‘outskirts of town’ towns, it really didn’t have much to offer at all, so we left.

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