An update

I know I have not been updating often, but in my defence, I have 1 last big assessment I am madly trying to finish before we hit the Nullarbor and we have not really stopped for any length of time…to the point we are all getting tired and grumpy and have stopped working out for some recoup. I’m secretly hoping when we get to Adelaide we can spend just 1 day being actual tourists and do the whole sit down coffee thing…but I doubt it. It will probably be more of the truckie thing of we have to be nowhere in the fastest time possible, gotta have them wheels turning!

Anyways, it has come to my attention that I missed some photos of Kingston SE and so I shall do a photo update and just write comments on those of what occurred as we went rather than a big long spiel.

So that’s about it, until we reach the capital. So far I can’t say I like South Australia, just not for me.

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