The Great Ocean Road

After leaving Geelong due to a lack of parking, we decided to just keep on keeping on and see as much of the Great Ocean Road as we could before the sun set. According to Brendan it doesn’t set til 10pm, but in actual time, and given the whole daylight savings thing, it is more like 9 when it gets dark. As it was only 3, we had a fair amount of time to see what we could see. We drove, we saw some beautiful sights, the sunset was incredible which doesn’t translate to pics as well, but I’ll post what I have any way. There were some really awesome little towns along the way and we could see the clubs/pubs were open, music pumping, live bands, carnival rides and kids and families everywhere. Two of the towns Brendan highlights are Anglesea and Lorne, and Apollo Bay was not too bad also. We stopped at a rest spot and left early the next morning to miss the tourists and made a beeline for the 12 apostles. After that we just kept on travelling, stopping at all the places along the way we could and taking pics and saw some really pretty sights. Anyway, there is not much really to say, it’s pretty much all in the pics, so, here they are.

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