Wagga Wagga – Aulbury – Kyneton – Ballarat – Geelong

I am somewhat behind in the times, I know, and I’m sorry, but I shall catch up at the same quick pace as we have been travelling, I promise 🙂

We stayed in Wagga Wagga for the new year’s so we weren’t on the road, and the town, being judged on its main streets, is amazing! Soo many shops, lots of choices, a little beach for the kids to swim at. Pity the place we were sleeping at was on the other side of the river otherwise we would have stayed out late and had a blast…but as it was, we would need to drive back to the van so stayed put for new years. There was so ‘do going on in the town and we did want to go, they had fireworks and kids rides, but after hubby and I got our little drinks and the kids were happy with their games we felt it would be nicer to just relax together. So it was nice. We stocked up on our groceries and headed off with the intentions of staying in Aulbury.

Aulbury had this river spot with swings and an awesome cafe and even an outdoor gym!! We did want to stay there, a full day of swimming, exercises and even shopping, but as there were no free camps, and we are not in the business of leaving our arms and legs behind in payment, we decided to move on after spending at least most of the day there. After that we headed off until hubby was tired enough to stop. We ended up on a rest stop beside the road for a few hours, until Bren noticed it would be truckies time soon and they would all be coming to the spot we were for their naps, so, in the early hours of the morning we headed off in the same direction once more, south towards Ballarat to see the Eureka Stockade museum.

By the time the sun had risen, we made it to the next town of Kyneton. We found some place to rest for a few more hours as Brendan was tired, but once we got up we found the designated place for us to camp for 2 days. This town was as place I could probably live, very country-ish while still holding that Melbourne-ness about it with the coffee shops and pizzerias. They also had a natural mineral spring pump full of nutrients and minerals and what not. We liked it. Mixed with red cordial (yes, we had stashed a bottle for those days when you really truly need it…i.e crazy hot) it tasted almost like creaming soda! Evelyn hated it. ?? After leaving Kyneton, we headed to another place with another natural mineral spring called Glenlyon, but it was really hot and dry, and a lady from the area told us if the fire danger went up one more marker they would be shutting the town down so we left. Anyways, from there we made the decision to see the Eureka museum and land somewhere between Ballarat and Geelong.

The museum was one of my educational goals for the girls and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pics, but there are some of the outside. Anyways, after that we headed towards Geelong, but it was soo hot we just kept going. Geelong had some carnival thing set up and pubs and clubs and hubby and I have never felt such desire to just spend time together as we did then, and we would have too! But for the fact that we couldn’t find anywhere to park the car/van so on we went…which is a shame because it looked like a good place to have some fun. Who knew…all that heat that we thought wasn’t really too bad, I mean, it was warm for sure, but perfect if you were at a beach…it was almost unbearable for these southerners which was why the beach was soo packed at Geelong

And so, we kept on, heading for the Great Ocean Road!


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