The good parts of NSW

There’s no hiding the fact that we as a couple kind of view NSW as not the nicest place in Aus, you gotta admit, the traffic is bad, the houses are cramped, the prices are ridiculous…but there are some nice places we didn’t mind. On the way south to Melbourne to see hubby’s mate Ryan, we stopped at many places along the coast. Bren had trouble sticking to the coast road as “it will take us heaps more hours, extra k’s and the extra fuel we’re burning ontop….more money” he tells me. Luckily reassuring him that we’re in this to enjoy ourselves and see some sights was not as hard as I thought it would be. This resulted in us discovering from Bateman’s Bay down to Bermagui was lovely. The little towns were cute, the shops had such unique clothes that were at a price I would consider if miss 4 was just old enough to not mess anything she comes into contact with, and there were coffee shops and markets and nick-knack shops galore. We would stop, stretch our legs, look at some of the menu’s, tossing up if the kids were old enough to sit in the van outside the shop while hubby and I sat on the shop footpath and stole an hour to ourselves…of which we didn’t, I guess we just like window shopping? Would really love to take you up on your offer right about now Ky, boo for me and my bad timing! lol S

o here are some pics of the sights we saw along the way, all the way until we reached the Snowy River, a place Bren’s Dad always wanted to see….and a place Bren decided we needed to leave asap due to his fear of the insane number of mozzies that were there and the diseases they can carry…we concurred and moved on to the next town.

Side note, hubby’s words for everyone out there “Sale was a f* s* desert hole”….I can’t really recall it so it mustn’t have been that great, and Bermagui was where we fuelled up, a Shell just at the start of the town heading south. As we were waiting the older lady running the place came up to the car and asked if we wanted a coffee while we waited. I was in my fasting period of the day (morning) so really wanted to say no, but I thought it would have been rude so agreed…really, it was a free coffee. To my sheer delight it was one of the best made caramel latte’s I had had in quite a whiles, so if you do head to that town, go to the Shell and make sure the brown-haired middle aged lady that looks like she’d make an awesome nanna makes a coffee for you! And the male server gave the girls some lollies which Ev was most impressed with.

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