Some extra parts

We have already been to Melbourne and visited Ryan and Lyndsay which was really soo lovely. We had our go to meal of wraps…my Nonno’s favourite for sure 😉 and then headed back to Sydney to spend xmas with my family as my 2 bros and little Dante and Em were all going to be down. As it has been a long time dream of Nonno’s to have all his family there for xmas, hubby did the most amazing thing and brought us all the way back from Melbourne just for the day! We had such a great time, and we took some lovely photos which I will add a bit later, I haven’t put them on my computer yet. But also, we stopped at a few places for our pit stops. One of which was a seaside town we bought some fresh fish from. We then went to Aldi’s (believe it or not!) and bought this big as can of German beer. We then continued to a large park and cooked the fish with some chips and had the beer. The kids and Bren then went for a play while I smashed out as much of my uni as I could because in between all of this I am still studying full time…blech. We also had lunch at some other place where we were overnighting at (I lose track of names, sorry) and we had some of Bren’s home made kombucha. The heat of the van as we drive along makes it ferment and be ready in such a short time! It tastes good and is healthy, so that paired with our healthy tuna, vegie, rice noodle lunch….life doesn’t get better! I was talking to a newly made mate about how I do miss the ease of eating well, but as time goes on we seem to be getting better at it. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Whey Protein Isolate Shazza…if you like it I’ll keep an eye out for when they have bulk buy specials. The pic of the road with purple flowers is of Melbourne heading to Ryans, the place had some really lovely roads with heaps of flowers lining it and trees….just added it in for good measure.

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