Red rock

Ok, time for a back track…all the way to before xmas.

We took a week off the van life and booked some accommodation at Red Rock, just next door to Coffs. The place was amazing! The water was on the salty side, the beach part was quite rough, but the inlet part was really lovely. The kids could all stand easily, the older girls could swim against the current to practice their swimming skills, and it was grass right up to the water so no irritating sand in the bum (which I was happy about). The towns folk were quiet and there were always kids riding their bikes around, and families swimming together in the water. It was so peaceful and calm, such a great family atmosphere. I would for sure recommend staying there if you are looking for a spot. There was a big 4 caravan park there, but we stayed in a house. The local shops had crazy expensive bread and milk, but cheap as chips burger deals at $11 and kids meal deals…$4 for kids nuggets and chips, $5 for fish (or was it the other way around?). As y’all know we really don’t eat bread so we didn’t partake, but I’m sure it would have been nice to not cook for that price. The views were also really beautiful.

Anyway, here’s some snaps and a link to the place we stayed at. Not plugging it, and I have nothing to compare it to to say how nice it was. I was a bit ‘meh’ on it, but hubby who has stayed in some pretty dodgy places for his overnights for work said it’s actually pretty good. The towels were huge, the sheets were clean, there was even a washing machine!! The carpets were not up to standard for me, but really we just chilled at the beach all day only coming home to eat and sleep.

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