Jugiong and surrounds

This little place we stayed at for a while, and yes there is a creek, but it’s crazy hot there. The wind is almost nonexistent, and it was soo hot…coming from a QLDer (well, from the south at least) I started to get heat exhaustion and sunburn from hanging out the washing! We did turn on the aircon, but once your body gets overheated like that it’s hard to return levels to normal. As a result we didn’t stay the allocated 7 days, instead only lasting 3 days and 2 nights. Day 3 we just packed up and went. As nice as the view was of the river, it just seemed to irritate hubby more each moment as it really wasn’t one he was happy to swim in…which says a lot if you know Brendan! There was a swimming pool there but we don’t like the chemicals as it always much us sick, and there was a park with great swings that it was too hot to go to, and a pub that looked nice, but as y’all know, we just don’t really go out unless there is a legit reason…which, “just cuz” was not accepted this time round…I know this because I tried lol.

I also drove the car with caravan attached on a back country road and you know what, Brendan really does make it look soo smooth. I went over each cattle grid (that happened to be every 5 seconds it seems) at about 5 km/hr and I’d go towards it in what seemed like a straight enough direction only to be told to “move over you’re too close, you’ll smash the van, use your mirrors, can you drive, where are you going, you realise the brown bits are the road, not the green bits on the side” and so on and so on. Plus! there were sheep all over the place and naturally I was concerned they would randomly jump out at me so I would panic and drop from 10-15 k’s down to 5 again, much to the annoyance of captain smooth driver….not sure if he’ll let me drive again, but good news is I smashed not a single part of the car or van! I think that’s an achievement…I know a few of you that are nodding in agreement, I can almost see it…I will spare you the video hubby took of my escapade!


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