A quick escape

Now that it’s morning we decided to stay in Kurri Kurri at the football field until Monday when the shops we need are open. As we are all pretty much exhausted and getting a tad on the nasty side, Brendan decided it was time we all had a recovery day and take on some carbs to replenish what we had used is the previous few days. By carbs I mean we went and got icecream, cookies and Guinness. We all had a good days rest, hubby and I napped most of the afternoon away, eating leftovers for dinner so we didn’t even need to cook. This is how to use icecream Brendan has informed us. You work your ring out and earn it, and then you can eat it. I feel like I’ve earned a drink too, so I shall help my body recover by having one little can with darling hubby…ok, I had 2, but I’m tired so it’s helping.

That night Brendan didn’t sleep well because he looked up the criminal history of the town (as he usually does for security) and found out there are a high number of crimes. Some were nasty and petty like a guy killing puppies, and some were quite frightening like a guy randomly killing people. It was at that point he recalled a mate telling him never to stay in the area at all costs as they were of ill-repute. Naturally we left Kurri Kurri with as much haste as we could.

We headed off to Kotara to buy this fan clutch oil we needed, and an inline filter as our water filter needs replacing. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s a specialty one that is just as good as the inline we have purchased. So now we are going to look into reverse osmosis filters for the under sink one as that is the actual part that needs replacing. The inline is actually for in the mean time, but as it is of equal cleaning power to our current one it will do.

In the mean time, we are now sitting at Belmont south boat ramp/park while Brendan “resets the fan clutch calibration to run cooler to suit the new turbo” (his words as I have no clue what any of it means). I still have a backlog of washing that is climbing, and I fear the condition of the clothes at the bottom of the basket. I’m scared that they will up and attack me when I try to wash them…wish me luck when I finally get the chance to get some cleaning done!


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