I have lost track

I seem to have lost track of times and days of the week. I can roughly recall a few things, we were camped by a nice little river for a few days, spent a full day of swimming there then headed off, stopping at a rest area for the night. We went to the beach and slept there followed by a full day of swimming, leaving late in the arvo to once more stop at a rest stop at night, but catching pigs while there too. Then we went to Bellingen and did some walking and shopping, headed to Dorrigo and walked for what seemed like forever, then stopped somewhere in Ebor for the night. We took some photos and left again, only to drive and drive making our way to Tamworth. We got there, but for some reason I can’t recall kept going. Turns out the fan or fan-something-or-other on the car is not tuned to the new turbo (whatever that means) so the car kept getting hot. We stopped at a rest stop to make dinner and wait until the heat of the day had passed as we had to climb some mountains. We managed to make it over the range with only a few hiccups, Brendan did some trick to make sure the car stayed where it should with the heat until we can get some special oil thingy, and we nearly died because of a large dead roo on the road. That was scary! We had to swerve majorly to miss it and Bren and I both saw the van pull and start to tip, but as hubby is a master driver he knew exactly what to do to make sure all stayed as it should…even to the point that nothing in the van was disrupted! Anyway, so we drove and drove and stopped at several rest stops, each worse than the last until we were too tired to care and just stopped. Then we got up and left again for a place in Kurri Kurri as the special thingy Brendan needs is in Newcastle and there is not really any place to stop. So we are here right now and all of us are exhausted and cranky and snippy. Brendan says it’s Sunday and we have to wait here until Toyota opens tomorrow. Oh what fun…blech. I start my units tomorrow and have about 3 loads of washing to get through, each taking about an hour by hand just to wash alone, then I have to get them dry. No one told me about how tiring just driving can be. Although, that might be the 2 days of swimming and 1 day of hiking!

I swear, if Brendan tells me ‘welcome to transport’ one more time as a means of solace!! I just want to get out of nsw. I’ll update the falls and photos and shopping later when I have the energy/time.

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