Pig catching

We made it to our pre-determined place, for a change, and all went well…except for Brendan’s swollen hand. We are planning on going to Dorrigo national park tomorrow and looked at the showgrounds at Bellingen. Now, the town itself looks amazing, and I am pushing to go there for a day also, but the nat. park comes first. Anyway, we decided to go 10 more minutes down the road to a free resting area and just head in from there, so we are at Roses Park camp spot. It’s lovely, except for the mozzies of course, but that’s nothing a bit of spray can’t fix though. Anyway, so here we are, Bren with ice on his hand sitting on the park bench and me with the kids cooking dinner. He comes back in and tells me there are 2 young pigs running around that no-one owns and are in danger of running on the road. Bren tells me to not let the dog out or leave anything out or they will ruin our property. We had just finished eating when 2 utes pull up and a group of people came out chasing the pigs. We decided to go amd watch the fun for a bit, and they caught one of them. When it starting to go on dusk, and they were still running around catching the other, I asked Bren if we could join in, ‘sure’ he says. Yesssss! I figured it was much like chasing chooks, and it kind of is, except this is a bit faster and bigger and can bite and is smelly. It took a few hours and their group of 6, plus the dude from the camp over the way and us 2 but we got it!

It was hilarious all of us running around in the dark yelling, “where is it? I can’t see it” “It’s there, quick, run, no wait, stop, slow, now run!”

Half way through a new van came in and we were running across the road in the dark chasing a pig, so they sort of just waited and moved into their space very slowly. Like a blister, they came out after the job was done though….must have been from Sydney Bren says. Anyway, we traded some convos and long story short apparently the local show is on this weekend, so we may end up staying for a few days after all.

It was a great day topped off by a fun night. Now old mate from the camp over the way is playing his guitar. A nice way to fall asleep I think.

Hopefully Brendan’s hand is better in the morning.

The offenders
This is the kid’s view of us chasing the pig from the van


3 thoughts on “Pig catching

  1. Loving it 🙂
    My uncle and aunt live in Dorrigo! My Aunty works at the local IGA, Ruth Brennan (if you see her, she’s lovely)!!

    Hope B’s hand gets better xx


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