Moonee beach

Wow, this place is great. Finally we have found a little piece of paradise. The beach is amazing, the sun is hot, all is well in the world. I know it is a little pricey, but not when you consider how much a hotel is I guess. The kids had a blast and so did Brendan and myself. Kyandra, we made it! Evelyn found some crab holes in the sand with all the sand piled up outside, and not knowing what is was came to the most logical conclusion her inexperienced mind could come up with…it was sand poop! This is a place I can safely recommend for families, and you can bring your dog too. Amazing place and nothing more got broken…except maybe Brendan’s hand. We got the unpowered site and one of the rules was you couldn’t run your gennie, so we made the assumption based on that that noise was not looked upon well. Brendan said he needed to fix some metal part of the van and it would be noisy, so we were thinking up a scheme to manage this when the park had their mower men out…making their own racket. So, under cover of their whipper-snipping and what not, he did a bit of sheet metal “fixing”. He somehow managed to slip his hand inbetween the hammer and the metal thingy and gave it a whack with all his strength. Now, if you know Bren, you’ll know how strong he is. I’m all for taking a quick trip to the hospital for a harmless little x-ray, but apparently that would ruin his fun so, according to him it’s just a bad bruise….pfft. We’ll see.

So, aside from that “break”, nothing else went wrong today, but I guess it is still only early days.

We are going to head inland and find some fresh water swimming places, and Bren’s mate Ryan has made some suggestions, so that’s about all I know.

The sand poop

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