Trial trip day 4

we dont really want to go back to Ethan’s with our tail between our legs…we still have 1 day to go…but we are not sure where to go or what to do. we start driving aimlessly, wasting fuel/money and decide on some little reserve in the back of Pine Mountain…and still it rains.

we stay there long enough to eat breakfast, and discuss nothing important, and the kids watch some t.v and then we argue. Bren is mad because this is soo crap and im mad because it is soo crap and i cant leave what has now become our prison, and we never made it to the beach…we never really made it out of where we’d been for the last few years even! so we yelled and argued and he got mad and stormed off outside the van. 2 seconds later Brendan rushes back in to tell me we have to leave quick because the van is sinking and we’ll be stuck! so we try to move out but we get bogged, so poor Bren had to reverse in the rain, in the sloppy mud, between trees to get enough grip and a new path out of this tiny little reserve.

oh the joys!

so we decided to head home to Ethan’s and let the weather and the town win this battle….but the war is not over!

We get back, we have little fuel, the batteries are in the red zone and we have little water. we need to fill the tanks and use our extension lead to charge the batteries from his house….what a sad life we live right now.

we look at where we can go for my prac and decide to go to Marburg showgrounds as it’s the cheapest and is walking distance from the school im doing prac at.

hoping it gets better….surely it cant get worse….or maybe i shouldnt write that?

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