Trial trip day 3

It’s still raining!

We have decided to try and out maneuver or skirt around the stupid rain clouds so are heading Yarraman way. I cant work out how to use this stupid wikicamps app, and we’re all getting tired and miserable cuz we cant leave this stupid van on account of all the rain…

We went to Blackbutt and to Yarraman, and then decided to stop at Harland park because I really  needed to catch up on uni. It was really a nice spot except for the fact that every time it started to rain the internet would drop out. It would suddenly work, i’d do some uni, i’d get a bunch of messages about missed calls and texts, then it would drop out again. I’d wait, when i got messages again i knew i could do uni again, so id quickly score another 5-10 minute interval.

The sleep was ok though. not as quiet as Benarkin, but quieter then Cruice park!

We thought we would stay here for a day or 2, but when we woke, there were about 5 council worker cars each with 3 or so workers in it surrounding us! we had no idea why they were there and so waited for an hour or 2 but they just stayed there having an extended break….so we left. i think they were meant to do road works but the weather was catching us again and was starting to rain.

we decided to go to south to try and escape the weather and headed towards Crows Nest via Googa Creek.

Now that was a nice drive….you know…aside from the rain.

we get to crows nest and what a suprise, its raining and cold and miserable. we stop to get a few food tidbits because we all want burgers for dinner (bread, i know, but you gotta live sometimes). we then went on an adventure and headed to Ravensbourne!

Turns out, its a giant mountain! we started to head into this place and the trees were thick enough it wasnt really raining so much as misting. and we still needed sun to pump up out batteries! so in all these trees we decided was not the place for sunshine (if i can recall what the sun looks like). so we keep going to the top of the mountain where there is a lookout as we figured in this weather there would not be anyone so we’d get reception and isolation. what we didnt figure on was the wind!!

omg was it windy!

trees were on the road and the van was swaying, so hubby decided we should probably head back down. so we did. we pulled up back at the entrance to this Ravensbourne to try and figure out what to do, and back down the mountain was the verdict.

still, we have not had a break in the rain, the wind has picked up, and the road is narrow…but the toilet is all good!! just in case you were wondering

on the way down we had to cross a little creek bridge, and for some reason a car coming the other way was driving in the middle of the road! we both looked at each other knowing we were about to die because he was flying and would hit us dead on, but hubby being the amazing driver he is took evasive action, drove us as much off the road as we could and we missed the car by about 1 inch. the idiot didnt even try to move to his lane or anything! wish i was as important as him!

so we continue down the mountain. this time we have the lane on one side of us and a steep drop on our left. as we head down, the road winding at times, we see a ute come towards us start to fish tail in the middle of the road. he had come around the corner too fast and was losing control of his car. once again we looked at each other and said “crap, we’re gunna die” shrugged our shoulders and hoped for the best…there was no where to move. by sheer luck he happened to know what was happening and how to handle it, so he booted it and pulled his ute straight within a meter or so from us. once again, our lives were spared by inches.

We are now back in Crows Nest by this point. Hubby is trying to convince me that we can sneak in and stay in the caravan park there for free, but i dont think thats very funny. we decide to try our luck with Wivenhoe dam. We know it’s not going to be any good, but who knows….something random might have happened….hahahaha

we drive with little fuel and i find a place that looks level. its where trucks pull up for gravel. no hubby says, thats stupid. ok. i find another place and this one has a random portaloo there…nope! thats gross Sarah. ok. we find an apparent resting area with a picnic table, but its still raining, the ground is grassy so very, very soft, i have a class in a few hours and the kids are all hungry! we decide to leave…what. a. suprise…not!

so we head to Fernvale and stop literally next to the little bridge just before twin bridges to feed the kids and i can do uni. we have burgers and set the smoke alarm off with the bacon, and then we have showers, and then everyone goes to sleep but me because i have a class…once im done, its late and its raining and Bren is tired so we just stay right there…1-2 meters from this main road. all night we hear cars zooming past, and trucks, and trucks losing control and skidding and cars losing control. all night i cling to hubby hoping none of them lose enough control to run into us!

and then its morning and off we go again…

oh this has been fun!

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