Trial trip Day 2

I called up that place on hubby’s request to be sure the actual gennie we want is still there…turns out, it’s not! He reckons if i order it now it’ll be there by Monday…like we’re gunna hang around for that! plus its a couple hundred more then listed online…pfft!

Next i spent a few hours trying to figure out how to purchase, download and install the wikicamps app….i got it in the end!

The rain seems to be increasing considerably, so looking at the radar Rainbow is most certainly off the cards! seems to be the epicenter of it. Anyway, we decided to go in and up to try and miss the rain cover and Benarkin is where we ended up.

Hubby says the girls are smelly and that their end smells like wee so he’s going to lock them up at nights! hahahaha

On a positive note, Minty did well and is now allowed to sleep inside at night. Phew.

So we head to Benarkin…hubby decides to travel down a long, windy, dirt road…no rain at this point. we head into the national park and it’s down in a deep gully. Now dont get me wrong, the place is beautiful and the land is flat and grassy and there is no-one there…but 2 things. 1, it’s 30 freakin dollars a night! pfft. and 2, something about this place freaked me out. might have been the long, windy road down a steep decline, might have been the lack of any form of reception or contact paired with the fact that no-one knew at this point exactly where we were so if we had troubles…we were in doo-doo, or it could have been the gully with the dirt-soon-to-be-mud-given-the-rain road we went down…either way i got the heebee-geebies and darling hubby said if i dont feel comfortable then we dont have to stay. So we trekked back up the steep road and stopped at the day area at the start.

We decided to eat at this point, and I thought i’d check on the growing smellier toilet…i noticed a little grey bit and wondered what it was for, and, anyone that knows me knows, i do first ask later…often to my own peril! but this time it saved me! turns out its a cover for the loo for when you’re travelling! so we have literally been peeing ontop of the toilet cassette and just into the base of the place it sits in! no wonder it was smelling!

Unfortunately i did have to tell hubby, and he was kinda mad but kinda laughing. either way, it was my job to clean my mistake…so i did. When we pulled out the cassette though, there was both fresh and dried stinky pee in the bottom so hubby said he’d help me and put some fridge vanilla for germs and smell, and then some water to wash it all out. we filled it up but the water didnt run out of the tank area like we thought. we looked for bungs or pipes but there didnt seem to be anything. we just figured it will run out eventually as we drive along. so i went inside to check our efforts in the smell department….


oh shit!

turns out, there is no way for that water we just put in there to go but through the van itself! there was piss/vanilla water in a trail heading towards our bed.

I am thankful of a few things at this point.

  1. the strawberry mat that was outside the bathroom door has absorbed most of it
  2. Lily has listened to me for once and has meticulously made her bed so none of it hangs over
  3. Brendan hasnt seen yet!

so i figured if i quickly get the dirty clothes i can mop up the trail of mess and stash the dirty washing in the tool box and id be all sweet.

now i have germy floors…i figured ill just spray it with some glen 20 and ill be sweet…

i started at the far end and worked my way to our bed end and all of a sudden the gas alarm goes off!! soo much for keeping mum on it all….so im madly trying to blow on it and flap my hands infront of it to make it switch off as it seems to work for smoke alarms but instead it just gets more intense!!

so of course Bren runs in thinking im in danger, and i have to spill the beans on the whole kerfuffle….he cant work out if hes angry or too busy laughing at me…

note to self….pull out the grey drawer thing to pee!!!

so we’re still in this day area and have decided to use the bushes for toileting until i can get this sorted, and we have wasted soo much time already and its late and its raining and we havent seen a ranger so we figured well stay here until told otherwise.

im really hoping tomorrow is better!

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