Trial trip day 1

We are finally off on our maiden voyage. We have a few days, Saturday-Wednesday, before we need to head back to Marburg for my 3 weeks of prac. Hubby is not sure why I want to go there the Thursday and Friday beforehand, but I certainly do not plan on rocking up to the school without so much as having met my mentor or the students, or with no clue as to the daily runnings and expectations. The plan is to take these few days as a trial to find out what we need and don’t have, and what we have but don’t need…with a generator at the top of the list!

Hubby has called a place in Caboolture, asking if they have a particular one currently in stock, of which they said they do, so seeing as they are open Saturday, north it is! we are planning on going to Rainbow beach, but the weather reports are not agreeing with us.

On a side note, I have noticed that the toilet (the wee’s) have not been going down….i am assuming there is some trick to it because in the plane it just goes down when u flush it??? (It is a tad smelly, surely I’m missing something? lucky it’s only Ev that’s used the loo for wee’s…hmm)

So off we have gone, and the stop for the night is at a rest stop just near Woodford called Cruice park. It’s nice, but a tad noisy at times…but I guess i cant really complain about that given it is a rest stop on the side of the road. Trial run for Minty our dog too, hopefully we have no accidents or issues with her in the van!

It is late, we stopped at some place right next to a swamp for a shower because Evelyn is getting tired and i want her clean so we can just slip her in bed later…Note to self…dont stop near a swamp again…too many mozzies!!

All ended well and we made it to the joint with no other concerns.

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