The start of the beginning

So we left today. We have the generator, I have all my assessments in, we cleaned Ethan’s place as a big thanks for having our tribe, and off we went.

But like all our adventures it didnt just work out easy. Brendan put the van mirrors on the side mirror of the car and it broke, wouldnt stay up, so he took it off to fix it and made it kind of worse, so he tried to open it to fix it and broke the mirror….nope, cant have 7 years bad luck, we’re on the home stretch of that 7 so i am not having a bar of it!

we decided to get a turbo on the troopie because pulling the van up a hill on the highway at 50-60 km/hr just doesnt seem safe….so turbo time!

so before we head off to get a turbo put on this car we have to get some new mirrors. more money Brendan says!

but there are some pluses. Brendan and Ethan went to Camec at Archerfield and because they were the odd ones out, being polite and not stuck up rude buttheads, the lady gave Brendan a great discount on the generator. (If you happen to head into that store, please be nice to the staff, they are only doing their job). we found as many little niggly bits that needed fixing/repairing/cleaning and the van is working well. that one was a fun one. First Brendan finds 1 little leak in a water tanks and fixes it no problem, then he finds another, then a 3rd. more money he says! but just small problems so its not soo bad.

this is our first go at self sufficiency here at Redland Bay Tranquility Park (not really as good as Marburg showgrounds, but as it’s only park #2 i cant really give it a thumbs down with no comparison)

please, please van gods be kind and let it work out!

i can smell the beach from here

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