Prac days

My prac went well, the school is awesome, my mentor is an amazing teacher! I love it all…except for the exhaustion that caused me to get sick…and that started tonsillitis for Ev (which we thankfully caught in time), and the pollen that gave Kya never ending hayfever every night!.

oh and the fact that we had to press and press for our awning to be delivered….Brendan got involved in that one, needless to say he made the receptionist cry and is now only allowed to talk to the manager. either way, we got it….3 days before we had to leave, so we spent 3 weeks with no awning which meant a hot van in the arvo and no way to dry my washing…which was important as i spend hours on them hand washing them in a very small black bucket.

on a good note, a lady had to leave and couldnt take her clothes airer with her so gave it to us….life saver for me at least. plus we worked out if Ev is the only one to use the toilet (and the girls in the middle of the night) it lasts 3-4 days. Kya found out the hard way not to use it once the light comes on…and when i say Kya i mean me because im to fool that had to clean it super quick before work/prac and head over to Rosewood to get the cassette emptied. i wonder if a black water tank would be better??

this has been a hard few weeks though, 3 lesson plans and 2 excursions for humanities which i still havnt done, 6 lesson plans for the prac unit, plus lesson plans for the girls each day or so. we have argued alot, we cant spend time together, and Brendan has not really been one-on-one with these kids before….and any parent can tell you just how….taxing…kids can be when you have them full time. Poor Brendan. But we made it through and are heading back to Ethan’s for a refresh because I need to get all my sheets and towels washed and we need water and a generator and food.

we are almost free of this place….almost!

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