Off to Marburg

on our way to Marburg, we considered getting some stuff from Coles, pulled up decided against it, and pulled back out. we hear this strange scraping noise followed by a pop! maybe a tyre? who knows. we decide to get a coffee as a treat for ourselves and Brendan checks over the van but cant find anything wrong…hmm

we get to marburg…oh, thanks Ally for the reminder, its our wedding anniversary! lucky we got the coffees after all! hahaha

anyway, we get to Marburg, start to set up and i have to get ready to head to the school when we find out what caused the noise in town. The side mirror on the left is not holding well and keeps dropping, so Bren couldnt see out of it clearly and had clipped a street sign. juuust bad enough to dent the end cap of the awning and make it useless, but no other parts. more money he says!

so i go to the school and he stays home and stews.

more joys and more joys.

at least the grounds are nice and the rain has stopped!

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