First blog post

Post 1.

So we bought a van. We have just sold the house for a myriad of reasons; I need to complete my uni degree and have mostly pracs left, I want hubby’s body to have a rest from being in a bouncing, rumbling, rough truck , we really need to come together as a family again, we want to travel and explore our own country a bit, the house is too small and we need to buy a bigger house but don’t actually know a good place the meets all our needs; like I said, myriad of reasons.

Anyway, we have this van. And like all large purchases, poor hubby is feeling nothing but dread over spending any of the money he has worked exceptionally hard for, so I truly am hoping it really does pan out.

It is a nice van, 22ft, 3 bunks, queen sized bed, extra large fridge, even an air con system…but even the most luxurious van is not a house is it…hopefully the beach (when we get to it) makes up for it in spades. The other features of the van which helped make the decision to purchase this particular one was the fact that it has solar panels, 2 large batteries, 3 water tanks, 2 tool boxes and pretty much all we need to be self sufficient…minus a nice little gennie for those not soo sunny days and the batteries can’t fully charge.

Well, let’s hope for the best I suppose!


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